The connecting element between the creative, left brain and the rational, right brain hemisphere is the corpus callosum.
This corpus gives us our name and we also work rationally-creatively accordingly.

Design originates in the brain: not on the left, not on the right, but right in the middle. This is the location of the corpus callosum, the connecting bar that allows information to flow between the left (rational) and right (emotional) hemispheres of the brain. The Fürth-based design agency Corpus Design named itself after the Corpus Callosum. Our core competence is the optimal combination of creative product design and technically highly complex product solutions, as they are especially found in the fields of medical technology and laboratory technologies. Today, we successfully transfer this competence to all other areas of product design, such as capital goods design and also consumer goods design, in order to provide products with an additional added value and thus a decisive competitive advantage beyond the formal aesthetics! This requires creativity and intellect. The Corpus Design team has both.

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By applying proven methods, we develop product design solutions at a very high level, primarily focused on the needs of users and their market requirements.
Corpus Design practices a clearly structured approach to the respective tasks and has thus been developing successful products step by step together with our customers for many years.
We advise our customers in all phases of development related to design. We also develop future design strategies and corporate design concepts for your overall corporate identity.

Passion for good design and holistic product conception

Managing Director

Sebastian Maier

Managing partner Sebastian Maier founded Corpus Design as Corpus-C Design Agency based in Fürth near Nuremberg. He has been in product design for 25 years. He has gained experience at home and abroad and has a special flair for promising product design. He studied product design at the University of Fine Arts and mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Braunschweig, Germany. He taught at the HBK as a lecturer and, in addition to many international awards, is also a jury member for the IF Design Award.